As a leader in the integrated solution for cleaning, transport and final disposal of waste on the Romanian market, we are committed to developing a sustainable business, acting ethically and responsibly in terms of:


Providing quality services that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients:

  • Compliance with quality standards for all works
  • Identifying hazards, assessing and controlling the risks associated with the activities carried out at each workplace
  • Applying the best and most efficient technologies


Human resource as the most important resource of the company:

  • Improvement of occupational health and safety standards, compliance with legal requirements, as well as additional HSE client requirements, so that the performed activities are safe for their own staff, contractors, clients and other parties involved.
  • Maintaining staff stability in the company
  • Establishment of employees professional development strategies.


Keeping a clean environment: 

  • Compliance with national and international environmental legislation;
  • Identify and establish the environmental aspects generated by the activities carried out;
  • Using technologies for washing industrial equipment, treating and eliminating environmentally friendly waste;
  • Improving staff and raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment among their own employees;
  • Reintroduction of sites subject to greening works at the initial stage;
  • Carrying out the company’s activity without risk to the environment.


Continuous improvement of the activity according to the requirements of the integrated management system SMMC:

  • Analyzing the aspects and risks of significant SMMC’s and taking measures to reduce them;
  • Periodic evaluation and continuous improvement of SMMC integrated management system with the support and conscious participation of all employees.


Assuming a social responsibility behavior and forming an organizational culture to improve the quality of life of our own staff and those we can influence through:

  • The company’s continued participation in social projects;
  • Support and involvement in education and training projects for young people in the educational environment.